Mission & Purpose

For the past several years we have watched something amazing grow out of nowhere, springing almost totally from nothing, changing the world around us. For the first time in over 50 years the real right stepped forward with a youthful energy, a new face, and uncontrollable hunger for change.

This process was a thing of great beauty, but like all new things it has had growing pains. Being something vigorous and powerful with vast potential was for many repressed voices a welcome breath of fresh air. Our ranks were swollen with new friends eager to finally express their pride without being attacked, speak against degeneracy without being called hateful, and reject P.C. thought and language control which is destroying the ability of western civilization to be honest and critical about the changes forced upon us by our enemies.

Those of us involved since before this renaissance have never seen anything remotely like it in our lives. It has left us all changed. It has changed the world around us and derailed the long term plans of our enemies, at least for now. It has destroyed the stereotypes of the bumbling robotic hollywood neo-nazi drones that our enemies would paint us as with the help of their propaganda films and lying news, and for a time our image was clean and we grew without the stigma that our enemies attach to any nationalist or pro European-American sentiment voiced openly. We had our enemies grasping for straws to define us and attack us. The hysteria reminded some of the old “hackers on steroids” hype in the news about “anonymous” and 4chan causing general mayhem in 2006 before anonymous became a neckbeard civil rights group. We were at a point where we were so powerful that a presidential candidate made fighting us a campaign issue, that for lack of ways to scapegoat us as larpy nazi bogeyman they instead made a frog meme into a hate symbol.

This nebulous, untouchable image wasn’t to last forever due to the mechanizations of enemies external and internal who would prefer to keep us marginal to retain their own power and prevent the apple cart being overturned for everyone.

The summer of our youth obviously ended sometime in mid 2017 before shortsighted but well meaning people teamed up with some malicious and scheming individuals who falsely claim to be leaders. The result of this was the well publicized failure of the Charlottesville march, an incredible kick to the face of our movement in general resulting in congressional and presidential backlash, lower amounts of new faces, increasing amounts of people dropping out and rejecting the movement, and worst of all the scheming traitors in our midst finally were able to give our enemies what they wanted most of all – a way to “prove” to the American people that Trump’s America would be a “Nazi America”, complete with rallies and swastikas and roman salutes and freakish relics from the past brought back from the dead. The backlash was so great that the ADL, an anti-patriotic organization which is ran as an intelligence network for a foreign nation, received a 1000% increase in first time donations from average citizens.

We have many projects planned which require disciplined, capable, reliable people to make them work. If you share our vision you are welcome to use the contact form in the main menu. We are actively recruiting for our political party wing, for contributors to our newsletter, and seek talented female writers for an upcoming project.

We are also looking for independent contributors who share our vision. If you have an organization, podcast, blog, youtube channel, band, are an artist, etc, and would like more exposure or need a platform we would love to hear from you. Becoming a member puts you on the VIP list for our future events while also giving you the benefit of being under our infrastructure and remaining semi-autonomous if you choose.

United we win, divided we fall.

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