Welcome to the American Nationalist Union. We are a unique group with a unique outlook and a fresh, new approach toward dealing with the problems which are destroying our civilization, people, countries, and traditions.

We believe that the problems we face can only begin to be tackled by a serious and professional looking group who promote a certain positive culture and attitude which others seem to lack. The only thing we really want is self preservation and the right to control our own destiny as a people. This is the least threatening and most natural cause for anyone to support, yet we are slandered and attacked by our enemies who misrepresent us. This process is helped along by people on “our side” who feed into the negative bogeyman stereotype that our enemies slander us with.

We are good people, productive people, well meaning people, and dedicated people. If you are too and you share our vision of higher standards and meaningful actions we would like to hear from you.

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